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Fort McMurray, Grande Prairie Fly In Services

We make regular trips into both Fort McMurray and Grande Prairie which facilitates the need for investigations at these points due to the chronic shortage of services there.  With more than five flights daily into these points we can arrive to suit the investigation needs.  In both points we supply full services including GPS tracking, 4 K video as well as contact with clients by email or text.  So you know the progress in the investigation on an ongoing basis.  The time necessary to complete an investigation in Fort McMurray or Grande Prairie is usually three to five days and costs will include the flights, hotel, car rental as well as daily work.   Having somebody from the outside in these cities makes movement, ease of operations very advantageous and enhances the likelihood for success of the investigation.     

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Red Deer

Banff & Lake Louise National Park

Banff and Lake Louise are located in Canada’s most beautiful area and national park in the foothills of the magnificent Rocky Mountains. From the national park gates at Canmore to the beautiful Chateau Lake Louise this is a truly enchanted area of Canada.

Visitors stream in all year round to enjoy the atmosphere, socializing, skiing, hiking and the many amenities this area offers. This is also an area that is frequented by lovers, honeymooners and those involved in romantic interludes with somebody other than their current wife or significant other. People come from all over the world to visit this beautiful area located one hour away from Banff.

Calgary Private Investigators can provide full investigational services in the Banff/Lake Louise area on very short notice, either attending by vehicle or as many people come here, via the Calgary International Airport. We can provide you with accurate information as to the whereabouts of your particular other complete with photographs or video sent over the Internet.

We provide regular updates by email or by telephone no matter where you are located in the world. Our knowledge of Banff National Park is extensive, having worked here many times in the past. You can contact us by telephone, text, email or chat live with an investigator from this website.